I love these Big Sky Montana Mavericks…a lot!!!!! They are amazing, strong, courageous, tenacious and steeped in love and family.

Debra Salonen’s next installment of her Big Sky Mavericks Series, “Montana Maverick” is a story of unconditional love and support, the ever presence of a family steeped in family values and roots

Meg Zabrinski is a famous scientist, environmental advocate, especially wolves and a professor, and very independent. Level headed and with utmost love for her large family, she is a nurturer with a big heart and would love to help anyone. As her biological clock ticks, her one desire in life is to carry a child. Holed in cabin all alone on a sabbatical gives her a chance to put things in perspective and prioritize her life.


Henry Firestone literally crashes into Meg’s life along with his four grandchildren. Young grandfather and with a secret crush on Meg, he wants nothing more than to have Meg in his life and take on his readymade family. Losing his only daughter and done having children of his own, his main goal is to get the custody of his grandchildren.

Former rivals and with secret crush on each other, Meg and Henry succumb to the sparks that turn into fire in the icy winter of Montana. Of all the mavericks of Debra Salonen, my favorites are Meg and Henry. It may be hard to believe that such people exist, but I know from personal experience, that the world has good people with big hearts as the size of Montana, always giving and never asking anything in return.

“Montana Maverick” is a beautiful love story of two middle age people, filled with so many of life’s questions, decisions to be made, a couple trying to find answers and finally getting their love and making a future. Henry and Meg along with the Zabrinski family make you feel humble with their abundance of love and support.

This is one must read story steeped with emotions, uncertainties and the importance of family and their solidarity.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.