I’m really enjoying these short love stories published by Tule Publishing and giving the readers an opportunity to read new writers and authors. Centered around Marietta, Montana, the stories are warm, fuzzy and brimming with love and family support.


The Bachelors Auction Series is a compilation of sexy billionaires and their happily-ever-after, written by a potpourri of amazing writers, all new reads for me……heavenly!!!!!

“The Bachelor’s Baby”, book three of the series written by Dani Collins, brings Linc Brady to the town of Marietta, wanting to set roots in this tiny community. Tired of the oilrigs, the travels and the high life of the cities, he wants to settle down and live a quiet life of calm and peace.

And Meg Cannon, with her sassy and witty attitude, shatters that calm and peace. Helping raise funds to help her friend and her injured son, she manipulates Linc into being one of the bachelors to be auctioned off.

Sparks flare and the boundaries of lust are crossed for one sizzling night of passion. And that one night changes their lives forever.

“The Bachelor’s Baby” is a sweet and fun story as Linc and Meg try to get to know each other, with the inevitable consequence of that one night of passion. Linc has some past hang ups to overcome, and Meg has to let go of the insecurities of being adopted and wanting to be needy and loved all the time. Linc and Meg muddle through emotions and uncertainties as they fall in love trying to build a future.

Charming and endearing, Dani Collins keeps her readers entertained and captivated with “The Bachelor’s Baby.”

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.