I’m very picky where paranormal genre is concerned. It took me a long time to initiate myself to read this genre and even now I just have a handful of authors who I read paranormal, and do not venture out. So it is a welcome change to read a brand new author Savanna Welles, and her upcoming book “The Moon Tells Secrets” asked to review by St. Martin’s Press, and I have to admit I was a little skeptical. But it turned out to be an interesting read after all.

Raine is on a constant run along with her 11-year old son, Davey who’s bestowed with the ‘gift’ of shifting, passed on from generations to generations. And now an evil form to eliminate competition and gain territorial rights as per legend is hunting them. Raine ends up with a distant cousin Luna who is aware of what is happening and what may happen. With no choice but to trust Luna, Raine agrees to settle down until things become a little quiet.


Cade is a teacher and mourning the gruesome death of his wife. As Luna’s neighbor, they have a deep sibling and supportive bond that keeps Cade sane from losing himself to his grief. Fate brings him into contact with Raine that sparks attraction and hope that they may make a future together. As he starts tutoring Davey, he comes to know the truth about Davey and wows to protect them. Cade may be Raine’s only salvation, yet the fear of the unknown and that it may harm Cade burdens her with guilt and she makes a decision to leave him and Cade has to come to grips with the truth that his wife’s murder is connected to Davey and Raine.

If you were looking for a gritty, nail biting, and edge-of-the-seat paranormal, then you would be disappointed. But if you want an interesting narration of a family facing distress and trying to accept the ‘gift’ that is creating havoc in their personal lives, then “The Moon Tells Secrets” is just right for you.

Narrated from Raine and Cade’s point of view, Savanna Welles did a very fine job of weaving a story around paranormal, yet keeping it normal. There is no dearth of emotions, sublime passion and the absolute terror that this family goes through as they try to make a normal life. It will keep you captivated, you will feel for their horror and sadness of being targeted, and you will rejoice in their small moments of happiness.

“The Moon Tells Secrets” is a definite magnetic read that will take you on a journey of some amazing legendary stories and keep you reading until the very end.

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.