The Bachelors Auction Series is a compilation of six sexy billionaires, put on auction for a good cause to help a single mother Molly and her injured son Josh, and it leads them to their happily-ever-after. Written by a potpourri of amazing writers and for the uninitiated, the list below should make it easy finding these billionaires of your reading pleasure!

Bachelor Auction Series

Book 1: Bound to the Bachelor

Book 2: Bachelor at her Bidding

Book 3: The Bachelor’s Baby

Book 4: What a Bachelor Needs

Book 5: In Bed with the Bachelor

Book 6: One Night with her Bachelor


Let’s talk Bachelor#5 Jesse Gray, the construction tycoon and the proverbial playboy of Seattle. Roped into the Bachelor Auction, he ends up being bid for Michaela Townsend by her family. He can give amazing dates filled with gourmet dinners and star accommodations but his smiles maybe more expensive than anything else. And Michaela Townsend seems to bother him too much into scowling and feelings that he never wanted to feel.

Michaela maybe rich, independent and engaged, but being stranded with Jesse during a snowstorm brings out feelings that make her question her life and choices. Sparring with each other, trying to keep their hands off each other only makes it even more painful and intense, as the sparks of attraction threaten to consume them. As much as Michaela wants to be “In Bed With The Bachelor”, she’s got some issues that her heart needs to resolve.

Manipulated to be with each other in each other’s company, in a single room, Megan Crane weaves a witty story around Jesse and Michaela. And again love the way these authors have incorporated all these stories in parallel strengths. Another short story that brings a smile and a sigh to the lips.

By the way you can’t get “In Bed With The Bachelor”until March 20, 2015 😉

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review