I was hoping that Molly Dekker gets her very own happily-ever-after and am so thrilled that she ‘s got Bachelor#6 Gabriel Morales in her eyesight. Divorced and now fighting to give her son the best treatment that had made him a paraplegic and in a wheelchair, Molly doesn’t lose heart or her courage. With the support of her friends and citizens of Marietta taking care of her, her son wins Gabriel Morales in the auction for his mom. And all she wants is One Night With Her Bachelor”, just to be Molly Dekker…not a mother, friend, ex-wife or a victim of circumstances, but just a woman to be loved by a man.


Ex air force and pararescueman, Gabriel Morales lives a solitary life, recuperating from major injuries and coming to terms with losing a part of his leg. Saving Josh gives a purpose to life and being with Molly gives him hope for a future that he never even dreamed off. But with so much anguish and pain harboring in his life, and insecurities about himself as a whole person, Gabriel very well may shut himself off from the only ray of sunshine.

After Lily and Beau, Molly and Gabriel are my favorites. Courageous, loyal and a super mom, she raises Josh on her own, and what a great job she has done. Gabriel, the hero and a silent angel, he tries to pave a smooth path for Molly. Both amazing individuals, facing adverse circumstances, yet finding a way to each other, not just for one night but for an entire new future, tugs at your heart.

Kat Latham did an outstanding job giving a fabulous end to the series as with Molly and Gabriel. Loaded with emotions and passion, pain and uncertainty, insecurities and doubts, Kat Latham gives us a roller coaster ride of a love story and there are so many little things that make this story extra special 🙂

You can have that “One Night With Her Bachelor” on March 27, 2015 

The Bachelors Auction Series is a compilation of six sexy billionaires, put on auction for a good cause to help a single mother Molly and her injured son Josh, and it leads them to their happily-ever-after. Written by a potpourri of amazing writers and for the uninitiated, the list below should make it easy finding these billionaires for your reading pleasure!

Bachelor Auction Series

Book 1: Bound to the Bachelor

Book 2: Bachelor at her Bidding

Book 3: The Bachelor’s Baby

Book 4: What a Bachelor Needs

Book 5: In Bed with the Bachelor

Book 6: One Night with her Bachelor

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.