Sharon Sala writes some real interesting stories. They have an aura of timeless mystery to them and add Sharon’s style of narration and writing, you get one great heck of a story.

The first book “Wild Hearts” in her new series Secrets And Lies kick starts the story with a mysterious incident shadowed by dark hazy memories and a death thirty years ago. And thirty years later, looks like reckoning is not far off.


Thirty years ago Trey’s mother and Dallas’s father have been a witness to an incident that they don’t remember anymore, yet Trey’s mother seems to be getting back some memories that may open a can of worms and the killer wants to keep it buried.

The death of her father brings home Dallas Phillips from her city job. Shocked and in grief, she does not believe that her father committed suicide and as she digs into her father’s paperwork, she realizes that there is a lot more going on than she had realized and she turns to her childhood friend and lover Trey Jakes for help.

As Dallas and Jake try to uncover the truth behind Dallas’s father murder, old feelings of love and passion reignite the relationship between them. Dallas is an amazingly resilient lady, kind and with a good heart. All she wants is to find the truth behind her father’s murder. Jake as the local police chief is just Dallas needs to compliment her. Years ago her job caused a rift between them, but now Jake the protector is not letting Dallas get away a second time. Two wonderful people meant to be together.

Sharon Sala weaves another fabulous mystery that keeps the interest going, and the minds guessing. I love her knack of creating characters with depth and individuality, and her play of emotions and feelings between characters.

This is no cliffhanger to the love story of Dallas and Jake, but the mystery will continue into the next book of her series, as the killer wants an old secret to be kept buried, forever and is willing to kill again to do so.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.