It takes a lot of creativity to write a series, yet make each book a stand-alone. It takes a lot of writing skills to keep the premise of the story in sight and weave individual stories around various central characters and that is no mean feat.

Donna Grant continues the saga of the Dark Kings in “Night’s Blaze” as she takes the fight to Rhys, the Dragon King stripped off his powers. Unable to shift and help his brothers in battle, Rhys steps away from Dreagan and hiding from the world. Convinced and brought back to his brothers by Rhi, his mission is to destroy the rogue Dragon flying among them and keep Lily safe from any danger.


Lily Ross has left behind a torturous past that left scars physical as well as emotional. But with the love and support in Dreagan land, she keeps a job that gives her a reason to hope for a new lease of life. And a certain Dragon King is sure stoking the fires of passion and love. But the betrayal that had left too many scars on her body and soul rears its ugly head to becoming a stumbling block in their relationship.

And fate sure wants Lily and Rhys to build on that attraction, as they are destined to be mates. As they confess their feelings for each other and let the passion consume them in its fine glory, the evil circling Lily and Dreagan is getting its pawns ready to strike. And in this game of good and evil, will Lily survive the betrayal to make a future with her Dragon King? That is yet to be seen.

Donna Grant brings a closure to this relationship, but at same time she leaves the readers on the edge with so many possibilities and questions thirsting for answers, even as she continues to weave stories around the Dragon Kings and their mates. Rhys as the fallen dragon is a sheer delight to read in his fiery glory and Lily with her tenacity and courage, adds fire to the equation.

Can’t wait for the next Dragon King and his story, as more and more secrets see the light of the day in this war between the good and the evil.

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.