From “Forgotten Sins” to “Blind Faith” the Sin Brothers have taken their readers on a ride of thrill, betrayal, pain and love. Readers have hurt with them, cried for them, loved with them and endured with them. But now Rebecca Zanetti is giving the Sin Brothers the final battle of their lifetime, to save their lives, to protect the innocent and to give a life to the young soldiers created to be ruthless warriors, by an insane Commander and his entourage of evil scientists.


The final chapter of their lives finally unites them with their youngest brother Jory Dean. Enhanced, built like a giant, strong as a bull and as human as he can be, Shane had endured torture beyond imagination, yet the insane drive to be alive and with his brothers brings him back from a coma, and to Piper Oliver.

Piper Oliver, the lost and found daughter of the evil Commander is brought in to save Jory from being detonated into pieces. Ultra smart, computer whiz and a master hacker, Piper is not sure who to trust. But as the secrets of the compound come to light, so does her feelings for Jory and the immense desire to save him at any cost.

As they escape the compound and try to outwit the evil forces, Jory and Piper cannot escape the intense desire that sparks between them nor can they resist the lust that consumes them into total surrender with each other. Having to trust each other to save their lives, Jory needs to believe in Piper that she can hack his chip and Piper needs to trust her heart with Jory hoping for a future that is fast getting close to detonation.

Rebecca Zanetti the superlative writer that she is gives a brilliant ending to her Sin Brothers Series with her final story “Total Surrender”, as she brings together all the brothers, finally with the hope of having a future with their partners. Pages of adrenaline, lines of danger and words with passion takes the readers on a fascinating ride of genetically engineered human soldiers with feelings and the thirst to live a normal life.

This series will go down on my list as one of my favorite-to-go to and I will miss these alpha protective brothers immensely. Exciting, arousing and intoxicating, each book can be read as a stand-alone.

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley for an honest review.