The Ultimate Series by Lori Foster is a brilliant compilation of a group of friends, protecting their neighborhood, engaging young kids to keep them out of trouble, creating a haven for troubled teenagers, and throwing muscle in the ring when called upon.

No matter how strong he holds on to his heart, MMA fighter Denver Lewis is waging a losing battle with Cherry Peyton as she claims him as his own and had been holding a torch for him for the longest time. As Denver and Cherry finally give into their desires, circumstances put Cherry under Denver’s roof and protection. But a traumatic past has Cherry on the edge and having fought her own battles for a long time, accepting the help of her friends or Denver does not come easy to her.

HoldingStrong-Ultimate2-Mar 2015

When her past comes searching for her, literally stalking and terrorizing her, Cherry has to trust Denver to protect her and muscle his way into gaining her trust. As an independent, charming, and a loyal friend to all, Lori Foster does a fine job of building a character with depth, courage and a big heart of love in Cherry. And Denver with his ultra smooth moves, strength and a heart of gold, he would do anything to protect the love of his life.

The Ultimate Series is a testament to unconditional love and support that exists among this group of young adults, always ready with a helping hand, and fiercely protective of their own. “Holding Strong” is another captivating story with passion and love, wit and sassiness and a league of unconditional friendship and support. Lori Foster continues the Ultimate Series with her usual flair of thrill, charisma and enticement.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.