Anne Stuart is one of those writers with a prowess in keeping the readers glued to pages filled with action, suspense and anticipation. I’ve read her before and really enjoy her style of narration and story development.

Francey Neeley is so in love that she doesn’t see that her Irish lover is a terrorist who believes in harming the innocent and stripping her naked off of her wealth and life. And by the time she see’s his true identity, lives are lost and she barely escapes the shoot-out and hides in the quiet and picturesque Belle Reste to recuperate and move past the trauma she had suffered. Taking care of her cousin’s house and the wounded people who come to Belle Reste to recuperate, Francey is pretty happy to be in this mindless limbo until Michael Dowd; a British schoolteacher comes to recover from a supposed car accident.


Michael’s main agenda is to probe Francey about her involvement with the terrorist. Working for the British government and wounded in the fallout with the terrorist, his main goal is to get to the bottom of the terrorist attack and prevent future ones by taking out the terrorist group once and for all. Getting attracted to Francey was never a part of his plan, but he will not think twice to kill her if she’s involved.

As Michael tries to scout Francey, their lives are threatened. With betrayal and treachery coming from within the government, and as Francey’s past catches up with her, Michael is too far in love with Francey and he would lay his life down for her.

“Now You See Him” is an interesting story and Anne Stuart sure keeps the suspense and thrill going. This may not be an adrenaline, spine chilling, nerve-wracking story, but it will keep you glued to your seats, it will satisfy your thriller sense and will keep you captivated to fulfill your sense of danger, adventure and romance.

A pretty neat read!

Received a copy from Belle Books via NetGalley for an honest review.