“Within These Walls”, Jude and Lailah had formed an undeniable bond of love and trust. Both of them had a multitude of demons to fight and despite giving her heart to Jude, had to get a new heart. They sacrificed a lot, and lived through separation and pain that came with any couple in love.

And now, Jude and Lailah are all set for a life “Beyond These Walls”. A life that had seen them in wedded bliss and a family that supports and loves them unconditionally. Beyond these walls, Jude and Lailah are living the life of their dreams, crossing out things on Lailah’s list, yet always on the edge of that fear that something can go wrong.


In married bliss, Jude and Lailah are surprised with news that threatens to tear them apart. Emotions on a precipice, uncertainty and fear dogging their lives, Jude never gives up on Lailah, and Lailah puts her entire life in Jude’s hands. Strength, courage and forgiveness have given Jude and Lailah a chance at love and future, and now tenacity, support, love and hope have kept them together.

I don’t think words would do justice to J.L Berg’s latest release “Beyond These Walls” Jennifer has moved beyond the walls of her imagination, creating Jude and Lailah as human as possible, and beyond fictional characters. She has poured her heart and soul into Jude and Lailah , two bravehearts destined to be together and get a second lease of life.

With her sheer imagination and creative finesse, J.L Berg has done a brilliant job with giving Jude and Lailah their dream and her epilogue is one of my favorites and so very close to my heart. I cannot be more proud than I am now of an author I had followed since her very first book and her impressive and illustrious journey so far. Jude and Lailah still remain her crowning glory in my personal opinion.

Yes, “Beyond These Walls” can be read alone, but I highly recommend that the readers read “Within These Walls”, to understand Jude and Lailah, their pain and love, sacrifice and hope, and trust and dreams.

“Beyond These Walls” will break down the walls of your heart on April 21, 2015

Received an ARC for an honest review.