Who can resist books titled ‘Devil In Denim’ or ‘Angel In Armani’ and for that matter ‘Lawless In Leather’!!!! Melanie Scott and her titles just conjure images of passion and danger, love and lust, sassy and kick-ass heroines and sexy and alpha heroes.

Book 3 in the New York Saint series throws the army veteran and bike rider Malachi Coulter into the path of Raina Easton, a burlesque club owner and now the dance choreographer of the Saints cheerleading team, Fallen Angels.


Running a security company and being the part owner of the New York Saints baseball team, Mal may have all the latest security gadgets to protect his business and team, but his heart never stood a chance when Raina comes into his life. She tests his control, simmers his lust, questions his protectiveness and in the process loses her heart.

And then danger turns paradise into a fighting zone as Raina and her angels fall prey to a crazy stalker. Raina is just adorable as the super sassy owner of a burlesque club and just perfect for the control freak Mal. Melanie Scott gives us some amazing and lovable supporting characters and it’s an absolute pleasure to re-visit Lucas and Sara, Maggie and Alex.

Another captivating and entreating love story, ‘Lawless In Leather’ leaves your heart with warmth, smiles galore and the pure pleasure of reading a wonderful story!

Received an ARC from St.Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.