Naked Cowboys and Desiree Holt continue to sizzle and burn the pages!!!

Burnt out Dallas PD cop Charity Vance leaves a commendable career behind and moves to Saddle Wells to give her life a makeover. Away from the crime and away from the threat of a hardcore drug lord, Saddle Wells gives her the haven to remain safe, re-connect with friends and breathing room to think of her future. And that future seems to circle back to the hot and brooding war veteran and bar owner Liam Douglas.


Fate drops Charity literally into his bar and working tables to help him out and Liam Douglas absolutely has no idea how to restrain his cardinal feelings towards Charity. As she continues to put Liam at ease, Liam slowly starts smiling more and spending more time with Charity. Brooding he maybe, but he sure knows how to make his way into Charity’s heart.

As the threat of the drug lord reaches Saddle Wells, Liam goes all into protective mode, forgetting that Charity is a cop. Passion sizzles, control snaps, and when death comes knocking on the door, Liam would stop at nothing to protect Charity.

Short, charming and intense, “Naked Flame” is enthralling and captivating. I like the way Desiree Holt creates her characters – they are just the right combination of sexy and independent. Revisiting supporting characters is always a pleasure and the camaraderie among the characters is always fun to read.

Received an ARC from Samhain Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.