The “Fairy Tales Of New York” continue to tame us with their sizzle and charm as Seb Madison gets in the hot seat with Mercedes Hernandez.


With emotional demons and guilt plaguing his life, Seb Madison keeps himself aloof from his only family alive, his sister Zelda Madison. Making work as his only salvation, any relationship is far away from his mind and once encounter with the beautiful Mercy is even further buried into his memory, but not forgotten.

For Mercy Hernandez, the crush on the gorgeous beast of a Seb turns into deep love and she gets into his face to question his very existence of a lonely life. The sparks of lust and attraction are stronger than ever and just being together for no strings attached sex sure doesn’t seem to work for them.

Book three in the “Fairy Tales Of New York” written by Lucy King is just as fun and captivating as the other books in the series. She did a super fine job of creating Seb and the calm and patient Mercy, and both make a loving couple as Lucy King weaves a story of love, friendship and forgiveness.

“Taming The Beast” is another sweet ride of a romance.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.