Samantha Chase is quite the romantic writer and her stories are just fun, utterly delicious and supremely lovable to read. Simple stories, filled with love and romance, family and nurturing and a health dose of charisma and dazzle, they fill our hearts with warmth and happiness.


Her latest stand-alone novella “The Wedding Season” is just that – another charming story of two wonderful people brought together by matchmaking and meddling family.

Tricia Patterson and Sean Peterson have been best friends since high school and are looking forward to the weddings of their friends and hanging out with each other. But then fate and circumstances bring Ryan Peterson to Tricia instead and sets into motion a beautiful journey of romance and love.

Ryan’s always had a thing for Tricia and now with both of them attending weddings together as a couple ignites the spark between them into fireworks of passion and love. And it is yet to be seen if Tricia can finally have her own wedding or will misunderstandings break them apart?

Fun, witty and utterly charming, “The Wedding Season” is another adorable love story from Samantha Chase, and true to her writing prowess and creativity, is another gem of a read.