Rebecca Zanetti needs no introduction to the realm of writing. Be it paranormal, romance, her stories are a reader’s pleasure. With amazing creativity and in depth detail, her heroes and heroines are loaded in sin, passion and love.


A spin-off of her infamous Dark Protector Series, the “Realm Enforcers” are extension of a community with intent to serve and protect, paranormal and human. Book one of the series “Wicked Ride” kicks off the series with a resounding clash between the strong and stubborn cop, Alexandra Monzelle and the sinfully talented witch Kellach Dunne.

A painful and deathly past motivates Alexandra to become a cop, to serve and protect. Her mission is to get to the bottom of a powerful and deathly drug Apollo making the rounds and killing the innocent. Unknown to her of the Realm residing in Seattle, she crosses paths with Kellach and steals his heart and soul.

Kellach is dropped into the midst of a drug raging groups, working undercover to put a stop to the powerful drug at root level. Working undercover as part of a vicious motorcycle club, his first encounter with Alexandra has him saving her and falling for her hard.

“Wicked Ride” is just that – pure wicked in narration, witty and charming in its evil and danger, trust and friendship in the midst of betrayal and angst, Kellach and Alexandra are just pure kick-ass warriors, meant to be mates for the rest of their lives. And Rebecca Zanetti what she does best – write amazing and dazzling stories to bring pure reading pleasure to her readers!

This is a brilliant and fascinating ride into a new series.

Received an ARC from Kensington Books via NetGalley for an honest review.