“In The Fast Lane” by Audra North is fast paced with racy passion and heartwarming love. With racing in her blood and soul, Kerri Hart is racing against time to save her father’s legacy Hart Racing from folding. As the only female rookie driver on the circuit, sponsorships are laced with sexism and her only savior is Ranger Colt.


Considered as a ruthless business man, Ranger Colt is on a mission to prove himself to get the coveted position in his company and as a part of the deal Colt Hardware buys into a major chunk of Hart Racing, setting Kerri’s blood racing and heart pumping with anger, passion and lust.

To salvage Kerri’s reputation in the kingdom of males, Kerri decides to team with Ranger as his fiancé. But fake relation turns into attraction leading to love. But with misunderstandings and insecurities making their way into this relationship, Ranger has to decide what’s more important in his life and Kerri has a race of a romance to win at any cost.

Nice, fast and furious, Audra North pens “In The Fast Lane” with zeal and sizzle. Kerri is just a firecracker and adorable as the only female driver trying to make her presence felt and motivate the ladies that they can become anything that they desire with hardwork and dedication in any field. Ranger is just an ultra nice guy with a big heart cloaked in expensive suits, yet supportive and lovable.

A definite feel-good-makes-you-smile romance!

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.