Here’s another writer/author that I dig reading her sweet romances and wonderful characters. I’ve been following her for quite some time now, and she just grew leaps and bounds with her narration and writing prowess. I love her Montgomery Series as much as her individual novels and now she brings The Shaughnessy Brothers into the pool.


“Made For Us” leads the way to another very promising series and I believe Aidan Shaughnessy will top the charts as my favorite. Losing his mother in his growing hears, eldest of six siblings and carrying the weight of the family on his young shoulders, he never realized that life has passed by him. Helping his father run the household is second nature that molds him into being a perfectionist, stubborn and his way is the highway. And he absolutely has no time or interest to rock his life of normalcy and make any changes.

And enters the fiery interior decorator Zoe Dalton, and Aidan’s normal life hurricanes out of control. He wants her, desires her, lusts her, but he doesn’t want her to rock the equation of his life. Zoe is an amazing character of patience, warmth and understanding, strong and independent, yet yearning for a family to belong to, she just steals your heart. She teaches Aidan to laugh, to romance, to cry and to love, and the entire story was just screen-played to a beautiful perfection of a read.

Samantha Chase just touched my heart with her portrayal of Aidan to perfection, and I can relate to his every fear and insecurity. It’s not easy to pen such a complex character, and she did with an amazing creative flair. I will treasure the first Shaughnessy brother forever and can’t wait to be a part of the rest of this dynamic family and their love stories.

Received an ARC from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley for an honest review.