Once in a while it’s just utterly serene and delicious to read a romance without too much frills and shrills. A quite romance with just the hero and heroine, finding their way with each other, connecting with their thoughts and feelings, a few supportive friends and an uncomplicated family thrown into the mix, there’s nothing more romantic and enchanting than falling into a pure, simple love story.


The duo sisters of Melanie and Shawna have been one of my all time top favorites and have read all their books; the Sloans being one of their most sizzling and charming creations to date. And the Hope Falls Series continues its journey of romance and entertainment with perfect kisses, secret crushes and happily-ever-after.

“Secret Kiss” is such charmer of a story and even more dazzling are Adam Dorsey and Jane Marshall. Ex-CIA and used to living a life of undercover and deceit, all Adam wants is to take it easy and put his nerdy brain to work on his software. But fate had a different plan and throws him into the path of his destiny, Jane Marshall. Lovable, innocent and ever helpful Jane crushes on Adam and circumstances makes Adam her boyfriend.

As Adam tries to put a closure to a thorny past, Jane infiltrates into his heart with no hope of escape. Acting as her boyfriend sparks the flames of desire and the proximity only ignites the passion both can’t resist. As lust heats the sheets, humor coats their days and family fuels their relationship, it is only a matter of time for love to build a nest in their hearts.

Full of humor and warmth, friendship and support, witty banter and family teasing, “Secret Kiss” is just perfect to heal a heart, bring a smile to the lips and fill us with hopes of goodness all around us.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.