‘Chance Encounter’ can be deadly enough to break a soul. ‘Chance Encounter’ can be a balm in the night of deadly shadows and a ‘Chance Encounter’ can be the very epitome of love that endures to fight for their destiny.

The LCR Elite has a new member in the savvy and fallen quarterback Brennan Sinclair. With a past that refuses to fade and a guilt that seems to eat him from the inside, his first mission with the LCR Elite lands him under the roof of the beautiful and wholesome Kacie Dane.

Another fallen angel to the evil of the world, enduring the naked scars of pain, Kacie Dane always has a smile for the world. Embracing her profession as a model, pouring her inner pain into Kacie Dane Foundation, she channels her nightmares into strength and courage, giving back to the world in her very small means.


But when her torturous past threatens her life, Brennan steps in with his support and empathy, love and security, and the entire LCR family weaves a shield of protection. And that very shield stokes the embers of lust and passion, and the need for companionship brings Brennan and Kacie into the folds of love.

“Chance Encounter” gives us a chance to know two wonderful characters with so much strength and courage makes us tear for their pain and loss. Two good people, who got the wrong end of the deal, yet fate throws them into the hands of destiny, smile with each other and pass those very smiles around. Christy does a stupendous job of portraying their inner demons, feelings and thoughts, that you cannot but help laugh and cry along with them.

What I love about Christy Reece is her amazing creativity of characters, so broken yet redeemable. She can write adrenaline and heart racing romantic suspense and thrillers and on the other end of the spectrum is her sublime romance and immense depth of feelings. All her stories may not have to be bloody and pure evil to send the message across. Evil and love can romance at a sublime level in her stories and she does a brilliant job of narrating them.

This is one of her very best of best works that I will revisit several times and Kacie and Brennan will take a very close second to my favorites McKenna and Luke (Last Chance).