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“Riley Ingram, the girl who had never belonged to anyone, had finally found her way home.” 

No matter how far you run, the past has a nasty knack of playing catch up. No matter you’ve created an identity to start fresh, unless the past is erased, there cannot be hope of a future. Riley Ingram may have been “Running Scared” from the demons of her heinous past, but she has become a warrior at heart saving lives and becoming a daughter to Noah McCall. Paired with Justine Kelly and running ops with him for the past three years has given her purpose to love, hope to survive and a LCR family that covers her six no matter what. And working three years with Justin only seems to stoke the embers of desire and passion that refuses to diffuse between them.

RunningScared-LCR Elite

The past has come calling for Riley Ingram aka Jessica Larsen and the time has come for Jessica Larsen to pen the final chapter of her past and getting the answers she deserves of her identity and her roots. And we get a torturously amazing story of evil and danger, tenacity and courage, passion and love, support and family.

I shall forever remember the morning after Riley and Justin spent a night together. The emotional conversation between Noah and Justin will be one of my favorite scenes. The confessional night between Riley and Justin will forever be one of the most heart wrenching and tearful dialogues I’ve read. And Riley and Justin will be one of my top favorites of Christy’s character in par with McKenna and Lucas (Last Chance).

Christy Reece created another elite pair in Riley and Justin. Her attention to detail is amazing, her play of emotions and tenderness is a bullet to your heart, and her placement of supporting characters in the story only proves her prowess as a brilliant romantic suspense writer. A review definitely doesn’t do justice to her novels. Her books have to be read to endure the evil, live in the emotions, savor the passion and root for her flawed characters with her flawless writing!

The wheels have been set in motion for Aidan and Anna, and I cannot wait to see how Christy Reece choreographs their story of a lifetime!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.


I started off my first review of the Grey Justice Series “Nothing To Lose”, with the following –

“Funny thing about humans is, at our best we can be the most noble of animals, but if not governed by law and justice, some tend to become the monsters of all monsters! Money, power and fame are not vices in the right hands, but once they get into the monsters’ hands, and innocent lives are at stake, it’s a different ball game.”

And the domino affect of this is the very essence of the following stories of the entire series written by Christy Reece.


As a member of that very evil family, Eli Slater has been working nonstop to clear the family name, destroy the traces of evil, leave the shadows of a past that threaten his future, and create a life for his two adorable daughters and the rest of his family. But when unforeseen threats bring danger and death to his threshold, Eli will protect his family…

Until his last breath – with whatever he’s got and “Whatever It Takes!!!”

Kathleen Callahan has been in the best of places and the worst of places as she loses her sister to an evil with justice going against her and her entire life is on a precipice of pain and betrayal. Yet, she finds herself fighting for justice, with the help of Justice and accepting the inevitable shades of Grey to help innocent victims and bring closer to helpless families. But never giving up her fight to find the truth behind her sister’s death and the events two decades old that seem to connect Eli and Kathleen for the fight of their lives and that of their loved ones…

And she will get justice for her sister with tenacity and “Whatever It Takes!!!”

There is no doubting the writing prowess of Christy Reece!!!! Her ability to create characters with courage, integrity and empathy, her brilliance in weaving stories of loss and pain, see-sawing between the lines of white and black, connecting the players with the past and bringing a closer in the present for a future for each, Christy is one of the most compelling writers of romance thrillers I’ve had the pleasure of reading.


I am a sucker for the underdog and the fallen rising with a vengeance to beat the odds, and of women who overcome their fears and betrayal to come out the other side with courage and integrity. For this alone Eli Slater will be one of most favorite fictional characters and along with Kathleen, one of my courageous couples of fiction times! 

And let me assure you that each book can be read as a standalone, but what fun is it if not knowing where it had all begun…

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

‘Chance Encounter’ can be deadly enough to break a soul. ‘Chance Encounter’ can be a balm in the night of deadly shadows and a ‘Chance Encounter’ can be the very epitome of love that endures to fight for their destiny.

The LCR Elite has a new member in the savvy and fallen quarterback Brennan Sinclair. With a past that refuses to fade and a guilt that seems to eat him from the inside, his first mission with the LCR Elite lands him under the roof of the beautiful and wholesome Kacie Dane.

Another fallen angel to the evil of the world, enduring the naked scars of pain, Kacie Dane always has a smile for the world. Embracing her profession as a model, pouring her inner pain into Kacie Dane Foundation, she channels her nightmares into strength and courage, giving back to the world in her very small means.


But when her torturous past threatens her life, Brennan steps in with his support and empathy, love and security, and the entire LCR family weaves a shield of protection. And that very shield stokes the embers of lust and passion, and the need for companionship brings Brennan and Kacie into the folds of love.

“Chance Encounter” gives us a chance to know two wonderful characters with so much strength and courage makes us tear for their pain and loss. Two good people, who got the wrong end of the deal, yet fate throws them into the hands of destiny, smile with each other and pass those very smiles around. Christy does a stupendous job of portraying their inner demons, feelings and thoughts, that you cannot but help laugh and cry along with them.

What I love about Christy Reece is her amazing creativity of characters, so broken yet redeemable. She can write adrenaline and heart racing romantic suspense and thrillers and on the other end of the spectrum is her sublime romance and immense depth of feelings. All her stories may not have to be bloody and pure evil to send the message across. Evil and love can romance at a sublime level in her stories and she does a brilliant job of narrating them.

This is one of her very best of best works that I will revisit several times and Kacie and Brennan will take a very close second to my favorites McKenna and Luke (Last Chance).

Here’s another outstanding series from Christy Reece’s sensational basket of LCR operatives. A spin off of her former LCR Series, “Running On Empty” is the first in the LCR Elite Series. For the uninitiated readers of Christy Reece, LCR Elite Series would be the perfect start to get to know her red-hot operatives and also get to visit the infamous ones from the original series.

Sabrina Fox and Declan Steele – outstanding operatives, partners in covert operations and significant others in life. Yet someone choreographs an outstanding operation, breaking them apart, sending Declan into the dungeons of torture and Sabrina into a vortex of anguish, until Noah McCall drops an olive branch to bring meaning back to life.

After been rescued, Declan has only one mission in life, and that is to get back at Sabrina for double-crossing him and breaking his heart into pieces. Even as he comes face to face with her, he cannot pull the trigger on her as he’s consumed with emotions of love and passion that have never ceased, in direct war with the pounding in his head that Sabrina was responsible for his capture and torture.


Circumstances put them together under the same roof and it is up to them to trust each other and find the mole in their life, responsible for their separation. And when Sabrina gets taken, Declan’s revenge turns into a race against time to save the one and only woman who stole his heart.

Yes…. there is plenty of action, yes…there is suspense and danger…and yes there is chemistry to top the charts, but what puts Christy Reece over and above is her brilliant characterization of people. Whether they are the primary or the secondary, every character is penned to detail and cloaked with their individual aura of persona. There is a history behind them, there is an identity behind them and there is spirit in them, and every character breathes an essence of their nature.

Christy Reece is on of those amazing writers, who nurture a good story with understanding and patience. She creates history behind every relationship and does not put any terms, conditions and expiration dates to relationships. Without losing the grip on the crux of the story, keeping the thrills and the frills at high levels, Christy does a fabulous job with Sabrina and Declan’s relationship, making our hearts cry for their pain and love…and this is what makes me fall for a book and a writer/author.

Christy Reece writes some amazing, adrenaline pumping, romantic suspense novels and once you get a taste of her LCR operatives, you are doomed! She’s been working on a spin off of her infamous LCR Series, called LCR Elite. Her first novel of the LCR Elite Series “Running On Empty” is all set to release on September 8, 2014, and readers, make sure you have your running shoes on to fast track to that button on your Kindles and Nooks!

The Danger Has Only Begun 

Having survived a brutal childhood, Sabrina Fox believed she could handle anything. That was before she watched the love of her life die before her very eyes. Brokenhearted, her emotions on lockdown, she finds purpose and hope as a LCR elite operative rescuing victims from some of the most volatile places in the world.

As a covert ops agent, Declan Steele is used to a life of danger and distrust, but when the one person he trusted and believed in above all others sets him up, he’ll stop at nothing to make her pay. Finally rescued from his hellish prison, Declan has only one priority – hunt down Sabrina Fox and exact his revenge. 

Trusting no one is a lonely, perilous path. Sabrina swears she’s innocent and Declan must make a decision – trust his heart or his head. As memories of their life together returns, he realizes just how treacherous his torture has been and the target of his revenge shifts. But when Sabrina is taken, retribution is the last thing on his mind. With the assistance of Last Chance Rescue Elite, Declan races to rescue the only woman he has ever loved before it’s too late.


Here’s a peek into Running On Empty –


Paris, France 

Sabrina Fox stood at the window of her apartment and looked down at the bustling street below. Since she lived on the thirty-sixth floor, recognizing anyone from this distance should be almost impossible. But she would know him…. she would recognize him from any distance. From the moment she had met Declan Steele, she had known him.

Not that it had been love at first sight. A smile tugged at her mouth as she thought about those early days. She had hated Declan with a passion unrivaled since the fury she had known as a kid. He had infuriated her, challenged her…. made her see things in ways she had never considered before. She had wanted to succeed in everything he taught her, but at the same time had resisted him with every fiber of her being. Even then she had realized her hatred for him was different. He had been her trainer and harder on her than anyone else in the class, but even in their darkest moments with each other, she’d felt as if an invisible force had been drawing her to him.

Still there were many days she’d left her training sessions plotting his excruciatingly painful death. Dangerous, since he had been teaching her how to kill.


Follow the link below for the complete excerpt –


Tule Publishing GroupTule Publishing Group

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