I started off my first review of the Grey Justice Series “Nothing To Lose”, with the following –

“Funny thing about humans is, at our best we can be the most noble of animals, but if not governed by law and justice, some tend to become the monsters of all monsters! Money, power and fame are not vices in the right hands, but once they get into the monsters’ hands, and innocent lives are at stake, it’s a different ball game.”

And the domino affect of this is the very essence of the following stories of the entire series written by Christy Reece.


As a member of that very evil family, Eli Slater has been working nonstop to clear the family name, destroy the traces of evil, leave the shadows of a past that threaten his future, and create a life for his two adorable daughters and the rest of his family. But when unforeseen threats bring danger and death to his threshold, Eli will protect his family…

Until his last breath – with whatever he’s got and “Whatever It Takes!!!”

Kathleen Callahan has been in the best of places and the worst of places as she loses her sister to an evil with justice going against her and her entire life is on a precipice of pain and betrayal. Yet, she finds herself fighting for justice, with the help of Justice and accepting the inevitable shades of Grey to help innocent victims and bring closer to helpless families. But never giving up her fight to find the truth behind her sister’s death and the events two decades old that seem to connect Eli and Kathleen for the fight of their lives and that of their loved ones…

And she will get justice for her sister with tenacity and “Whatever It Takes!!!”

There is no doubting the writing prowess of Christy Reece!!!! Her ability to create characters with courage, integrity and empathy, her brilliance in weaving stories of loss and pain, see-sawing between the lines of white and black, connecting the players with the past and bringing a closer in the present for a future for each, Christy is one of the most compelling writers of romance thrillers I’ve had the pleasure of reading.


I am a sucker for the underdog and the fallen rising with a vengeance to beat the odds, and of women who overcome their fears and betrayal to come out the other side with courage and integrity. For this alone Eli Slater will be one of most favorite fictional characters and along with Kathleen, one of my courageous couples of fiction times! 

And let me assure you that each book can be read as a standalone, but what fun is it if not knowing where it had all begun…

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.