Here’s another outstanding series from Christy Reece’s sensational basket of LCR operatives. A spin off of her former LCR Series, “Running On Empty” is the first in the LCR Elite Series. For the uninitiated readers of Christy Reece, LCR Elite Series would be the perfect start to get to know her red-hot operatives and also get to visit the infamous ones from the original series.

Sabrina Fox and Declan Steele – outstanding operatives, partners in covert operations and significant others in life. Yet someone choreographs an outstanding operation, breaking them apart, sending Declan into the dungeons of torture and Sabrina into a vortex of anguish, until Noah McCall drops an olive branch to bring meaning back to life.

After been rescued, Declan has only one mission in life, and that is to get back at Sabrina for double-crossing him and breaking his heart into pieces. Even as he comes face to face with her, he cannot pull the trigger on her as he’s consumed with emotions of love and passion that have never ceased, in direct war with the pounding in his head that Sabrina was responsible for his capture and torture.


Circumstances put them together under the same roof and it is up to them to trust each other and find the mole in their life, responsible for their separation. And when Sabrina gets taken, Declan’s revenge turns into a race against time to save the one and only woman who stole his heart.

Yes…. there is plenty of action, yes…there is suspense and danger…and yes there is chemistry to top the charts, but what puts Christy Reece over and above is her brilliant characterization of people. Whether they are the primary or the secondary, every character is penned to detail and cloaked with their individual aura of persona. There is a history behind them, there is an identity behind them and there is spirit in them, and every character breathes an essence of their nature.

Christy Reece is on of those amazing writers, who nurture a good story with understanding and patience. She creates history behind every relationship and does not put any terms, conditions and expiration dates to relationships. Without losing the grip on the crux of the story, keeping the thrills and the frills at high levels, Christy does a fabulous job with Sabrina and Declan’s relationship, making our hearts cry for their pain and love…and this is what makes me fall for a book and a writer/author.