As a recap, The Ultimate Series by Lori Foster is a brilliant compilation of a group of friends, protecting their neighborhood, engaging young kids to keep them out of trouble, creating a haven for troubled teenagers, and throwing muscle in the ring when called upon…and their stories, tryst with destiny continues as Stack Hannigan finds himself surrendering to the love of his life Vanity Baker.

Vanity has made a deal with “The Wolf” to a one night of passion between the sheets, a casual no strings friends with benefits fling, even as she knows for a fact that one night with Stack is just not enough for her. Stack has been tip toeing around Vanity since times long and he knows for a fact that sex with her would be out of this world, but little does he realize that he has now world without her.


A young woman having lost all in her life, trying to make a new life with a group of overprotective friends, facing loneliness with a zeal for life and yet grabbing the grateful moments with all positivity, Vanity Baker is just one of the most lovable people you would encounter. She makes tough love fun, attainable and utterly delicious and she just gives that much and more back to Stack. And Stack with his tainted past, yet honorable upbringing, protective and humble, is just the perfect match for Vanity, despite his temporary bullheadedness!

Since the time I’ve been reading Lori Foster, her innumerable and memorable books, I truly believe that Stack and Vanity are her best of the lot, at least in my humble readings! The teasing banter, the ease Vanity has with making friends, smart and loyal to the bone, kind and generous, Lori took time creating Vanity with care and depth. She made a great impression with giving writing space for Stack’s family and the building of the relationship between them and Vanity. I was so partial to Cannon’s story, but Stack comes a very close second.

Witty dialogues and teasing banter, trust and friendship on the line, romance and lust burning hearts, “Tough Love” sure tests the emotions and power of love…. and gives the readers an unforgettable love story.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.