I’ve been reading some really sweet and emotional love stories that cut right to the heart with their witty dialogues, intense passion, emotional past that molds the characters and an ending that sends tingles of happiness all the way to the tip of the toes!

Rachel Lacey’s third book, “Ever After” in her Love To Rescue Series is one of them that had me rooting for Olivia Bennett as she turns from spunky to caring to emotional to a lover with the hot and sexy soon to be detective Pete Sampson.


Spending her 29th birthday in jail was definitely not in the cards for Olivia Bennett but then falling into the hands of Pete Sampson wasn’t either, yet her stint in jail brings her closer to Pete Sampson, and Pete can’t seem to stay away from the naughty and sassy Olivia anymore than she can.

But with politics and outside forces keeping them in parallel lines, Pete gives himself to temptation and when Olivia’s life is in danger, he would definitely risk his career for his future. Olivia as the caring and animal activist is just too fab a woman not to fall in love with, and her adventures sure gives Pete sleepless nights. And Pete has his own nightmare of a history that keeps him wary of entanglements and relationships.

“Ever After” is an emotional read as Olivia tries to find herself in the big bad world. Rachel Lacey, amazing writer she is keeps the readers entertained with her humor and sass, she keeps us attached with her emotional narration and keeps us warm with the sizzling passion between Olivia and Pete. Simple story with enough forgiveness, charm and love to keep us readers glued to the last page…Ever After is a definite ever after love story.

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing), via NetGalley for an honest review.