The little town of Sweetwater Springs has seen its share of evil and death. Amidst the shadows, the series also saw the sage of the McKinnon family and Calder family coming together but on opposite ends of a murder that their mother is being put on trial. Relationships have gained, trust has been birthed and the murderer revealed along with secrets that have been buried for long.

This series ends with FBI Agent Seth Calder caught in the middle of the drama along with his family adversary, the annoying Shelby Braddock, the very daughter of the man murdered that put his mother on trial.


Shelby wants to get to the bottom of the murder that rocked her childhood and her nosing around puts her life in danger. Seth is hell bent on keeping Shelby alive for his own peace of mind and not to mention that he’s fallen for her hard. With bullets flying and secrets coming into light, both Seth and Calder have a battle on their hands to save themselves and that of their family members.

Sizzling with romance and pumping with danger, “A Lawman’s Justice” takes us to the conclusion of the series. Delores Fossen keeps the suspense going until the very end, keeping us enthralled and captivated. It is wonderful to re-visit the siblings as they all rally together to keep their family safe. With trust questioned, danger at every turn, and evil manipulating until the very end, the story keeps adrenaline going and heart beating fast.

Will miss this series for sure.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.