It’s truly amazing how the sister duo of Melanie and Shawna pen these magical stories in Hope Falls taking readers into a world of hope and love, family and friends, hot guys and sassy ladies, riding on sweet romance and sizzling passion. They are enchanting, mesmerizing and totally gooey to read!


The latest couple to fall into the magical web of togetherness is Ellen Locke and Logan Dorsey, succumbing to a love that has grown over the years and only became stronger with time. As a romance writer, a young widow and a mother to an amazing kid, Ellen has yet to write her own happily-ever-after. Logan’s heart belongs to Ellen from the moment he’s been keeping an eye on her and his godson, since the time his best friend has laid his life at war.

This is one of the most emotional and brilliant stories of the sisters I’ve read. Complexity of emotions in its simple narration, the daily grind of a mother in all her professional glory, the love of a guy whose heart beats with the breath of his beloved – they paid attention to minor details, to the small nuances of daily life, cracking jokes at writers/authors, it was like reading a love story of an amazing writer. I loved the attention they paid to the adulation of knowing a bestseller writer, and the reaction of the general public and their friends.

“Magic Kiss” is just a riot of fun, frolic and happiness and a gamut of emotions!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.