Time flies on wings

Toddler to a lady so fine

Yet memory only sings

Of a little girl mine

ApekshaCheerWin-UnionCity-Nov2014Dress-ups and tea parties

Bountiful in hearties

Taller and faster

Funnier and smarter

Each year brings a new you

Humble, kind and true

Adios to silly girl games

Hello to boys with aims

Drop-off and pick-up

No more your kind of cup

Learning permits and mania

Cars and driving hysteria

FullSizeRender_4-003Proud we are of your spoils

Impressed we are of your toils

Never afraid of change

Angel on the home range

Sixteen different ways we love you

And many more to the moon blue

You are a special pleasure

A parent’s priceless treasure

                                                                  “Happy Sweet 16”