Debra Salonen’s Marietta, Montana love stories are heartwarming to read, full of family values and the unconditional love and support extends to extended families and more. The characters are so interwoven and connected in ways that make these stories interesting to ready and Debra is good with keeping the flow of the story going strong and captivating.


Flynn Benson meets Kat Robinson and that instant attraction flares between them, but then Flynn has insecurities that question his very job of search and rescue, and Kat has parental obligations that don’t leave room for relationships. But then Kat is in Marietta for a reason that Flynn is not aware that would cause quiet a stir on the little town.

“Montana Hero” book 6 in the Big Sky Maverick series, is another Marietta love story that takes you on a journey of finding one’s identity and build trust that may result in a lifelong relationship love and family. It deals with current issues of Alzheimer and Asperger, so very common in our world. Debra builds a good short and sweet story around Flynn, Kat and Brady…rich in emotions and full of love.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.