I don’t know if Katie Reus trumps Savannah Stuart or vice versa, but gotta tell you that both heat up the pages with their intense romantic suspense and extraordinary paranormal romance. And I am totally hooked to both – fangs and all!


Savannah Stuart’s Miami Scorcher Series keeps the hearts sizzling and nerves tingling with a ‘Dangerous Craving” for the forbidden and a love that’s not meant to be. But we are talking about the werewolf shifter Thomas Lazos, who is hell bent on getting his mate no matter what. When Nissa enters his continent seeking his protection, there’s no stopping Thomas from stealing her heart and laying his life for her.

The beautiful and full-blooded faerie, Nissa is being hunted and someone wants her dead before she can be crowned the queen. Staying under the protective wings of Thomas, Nissa gives herself to the desire and passion that she has buried deep in her heart and Thomas matches heartbeat to heartbeat.

No matter how many paranormal love stories I read, Savannah Stuart will always remain as one of my top favorites. With a fascinating talent to create stories that take us to the heights of her creativity, they always give me the pleasure of reading a scintillating love story, paranormal and normal.

Received a copy from KR Press LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.