This is my first read of Michele Dunaway and her first book in the Man Of The Month Series; “Fan The Flames” is an interesting read. And the man of the month Brad Silverman will definitely flamed my heart!

Brad Silverman is an ex-Navy SEAL and now a fireman in St. Louis and is entrusted the tough job of taking care of his partner’s widow. A difficult job indeed considering that he’s always loved Scarlett for the longest time and now the responsibility of her and her little daughter falls on his shoulders, to keep his promise to his dead friend.

FanTheFlames-ManOfMonth-MicheleDunaway-Sept2015 returns to St. Louis to start fresh after he husband dies in the line of duty, and renting Brad’s home throws them together everyday. As they re-connect, so do their hearts and the attraction lurking in the shadows can’t be ignored any longer.

This is Brad’s story all the way. He is one of the most admirable heroes I’ve read in a while. With kindness and humility, hard work and caring, patience and supportive, he takes care of Scarlet and her daughter. Even as guilt rides him for losing his partner, he is man enough to address them and tries hard to overcome. Michele Dunaway did a super fine job creating Brad Silverman to his perfect imperfection. I just loved him.

“Fan The Flames” will keep you interested and Michele Dunaway does a good job with narration and creating a good love story. I hope she gives a bit more strong and interesting caricature to her heroines in her future stories.

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via Net Galley for an honest review