Solitude, Oregon has been in solitude too long, and so why not just stir up some evil, betrayal and death. The Rogue Winter Novellas start off with Melinda Leigh taking us back to Solitude and the people fighting for justice and protecting the innocent.


We have left Solitude as Seth and Carly finally accept that they love each other too much to put an end to their marriage. As they work out the kinks in this second lease of their relationship, the death of Carly’s brother’s girlfriend tests their fragile bond. Seth is determined to bring justice to the dead and Carly gives her everything to keep the orphaned baby safe and secure.

Co-written by the author duo Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot, the Rogue Winter novellas get off to deathly winter start. It’s always wonderful to re-visit characters from the previous stories to see their continuation after HEAs. And it’s absolutely fabulous to read romantic suspense written by Melinda.

Short and quick, captivating and arresting, “Tracks Of Her Tears” is a fast read of suspense and romance, love and relationships, support and solidarity.

For the uninitiated or new readers, this series would be a great start to get to know two wonderful authors/writers.

Received an ARC from Amazon Publishing via Net Galley for an honest review.