Christmas in Solitude, Oregon wakes up to the death of a young woman, dragging Sheriff Zane Duncan and his girlfriend/detective Stevie Taylor out into the cold winter of evil and secrets.


Connecting from the death in the first Rogue Winter Novella, “Tracks Of Her Tears”, Zane and Stevie are thrown right into the path of a serial killer, who’s practicing his skill of killing until her gets to his ultimate goal Stevie. People are not what they seem to be and things are not what they are led to be believed. With drugs making its rounds in Solitude, Zane and Stevie have to put their best foot forward to keep Solitude safe.

Co-written by the author duo Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh, the Rogue Winter novellas are short and quick reads that keep the readers captivated and interested. I love the little details of humor and everyday life that Kendra injects into the gripping tale as we revisit Zane and Stevie. It’s nice to reconnect with some lovable characters as they try to live a normal life amidst evil and danger.

For the uninitiated or new readers, this series would be a great start to get to know two wonderful authors/writers. And you would be tempted to read the Rogue River Series where all the suspense, evil, death and romance started.

Received an ARC from Amazon Publishing/Montlake Romance via Net Galley for an honest review.