I love Delores Fossen and her simmering lawmen guarding under the big Texas sky. From one series to another she creates romance filled with danger and suspense, captivating and spell binding stories of love, support and families.


The Appaloosa Pass Ranch Series kicks off with the “Lone Wolf Lawman”, as the Texas Ranger Weston Cade is drawn into the web of a serial killer. His search lands him in the home of his one night love Addie Crockett, and who’s DNA matches the serial killer.

Adopted and raised with love and a line of brothers who adore her, Addie Crockett lands in the crossfire of the killer who happens to be her father. Yet as the danger and bullets fly in galore, it looks like there is more than one killer and secrets that unravel may be the death of the good people. And Addie definitely is not going to risk her unborn child.

Interesting story, charming characters and a bountiful of suspense and danger, “Lone Wolf Lawman” is a racy start to another of Delores’s fascinating stories.

Received an ARC from Harlequin Intrigue via NetGalley for an honest review.