Here’s another first read for me of Sophia Henry – “Delayed Penalty”, a Pilots Hockey Novel. It took me a bit longer than normal to finish it, not because it doesn’t hold your interest, but rather it kind starts of a little slow, but sure picks up pace.

DelayedPenalty-PilotsHockey#1-SophaHenry-Oct 2015

Auden Berezin is thankful for getting a gig as a Russian translator for one of the star players of the Pilots. Having lost her soccer scholarship to college funds, she latches on to this life saving temporary job to pay for her college education. She’s smart, intelligent and hardworking and wants to move out of her grandparent’s protective wings and put a painful past behind her.

Aleksandr Varenkov knows pain and scars that plague a person. Channeling his anger and desperation into his passion for hockey makes him a great player, yet his playboy image needs a makeover. As Auden works as his PR translator, he finds himself falling for her, with all her insecurities and pain.

Two people with painful pasts, two kindred souls brought together by fate to help each other heal, “Delayed Penalty” is a good one time read. Sophia Henry does a pretty good job giving Auden and Aleksandr strong personalities with human flaws. As much as the story is captivating, it was a tad bit longer and felt certain parts seemed drawn too long. Will I re-visit her? Maybe……

Received an ARC from Random House Publishing Group Loveswept via NetGalley for an honest review.