I like Julie Benson. I love her sweet stories of sexy cowboys and their humbleness. I love her sassy heroines and their determination. Her characters grow on you like aged wine that can become an addiction and I she has a great flair of putting all the ingredients of a flavorful love story in less pages!


“To Love A Texas Cowboy” is the first in her new Wishing, Texas Series and sure is good start with fireworks going off between Cassie Reynolds and Ty Bennett. Brought together by tragic circumstances, pitted against each other with the welfare of a toddler, hurt and emotions riding their hearts with the loss of their family, Cassie and Ty have a lot more to deal with then just the best of raising a toddler.

Julie Benson does a brilliant job with Cassie and Ty. Leaving her NY artist career behind to give her 100% to raising her orphaned niece with absolutely no idea of raising a child, she deals with the situation with tenacity and determination. Not one to back down from a challenge, Cassie finds the positivity and hope in dire situations and makes the best of any desperate situation.

As the guardian of his best friend’s daughter, Ty has his job cut out what with fighting off his attraction to Cassie and make sure the child’s interests are well vested and secured. Julie Benson gives Ty an amazing persona of kindness, humbleness and attitude to counter Cassie.

“To Love A Texas Cowboy” is another great start to a new series, to immerse in the big-hearted cowboys of Texas and enjoy the super warmth of good people and their love stories.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.