It’s the season of snow and hot chocolate, hope and forgiveness, family and friends, love and miracles. It’s the season of magic. As the holiday season comes around, so do the Christmas romances written by some my favorite authors and leading this season for me is Samantha Chase’s “Christmas in Silver Bell Falls”.

A heroine averse to Christmas and all that it represents and a hero who thrives in the festivities of the season and his belief in the kindness and humanity. Two wonderful people, poles apart in beliefs, but brought together by circumstances and some careful planning.


Author/Writer Melanie Harper has so many bad memories tied with Christmas during her childhood years, that even as an adult she just can’t seem to let go of pain and forgive her past. But then an inheritance from an unlikely source takes her to the magical town of Silver Bell Falls, and to Josiah Stone.

The upright and sexy Sheriff of Silver Bell Falls, Josiah Stone falls hard for the new visitor in his town. He makes it his mission to show the wonders of Christmas and the kindness of people. He brings her into contact with the beautiful people of Silver Bell Falls, their care and kindness, their friendship and support, and in the process trust and love.

A wonderful read perfect for the holiday season. A simple love story as two people learn to give each other the trust and the foundation of a future. A simple narrative of a story, Josiah and Melanie take a place in my heart as they overcome pain and insecurities. Samantha Chase creates some wonderful supporting secondary characters and she does what she’s good at – weaving a winter wonderland of romance.