Kendra Elliot’s “Bone Secrets Series” is a “Chilling” ride of “Buried” secrets, “Hidden” twists and finding yourself “Alone” with cold blooded murderers. With twisted minds they stay “Veiled” among the “Known”. If her villains make you wonder in sheer amazement of how perverted, warped, and disturbed they can be, her heroes and heroines make us believe in the good that exists and the courage and bravery that her protagonists show to protect their loved ones.


Her latest release, “Known” coming out on January 19, 2016 takes us on the ride of the un’Known’ when Gianna Trask and her teenage daughter are saved by Chris Jacobs. Waking up in the stormy Cascade Mountains, Gianna has no recollection of her rented cabin being burned to the ground and her daughter saving her life. And when the charred remains of a body comes to light in the burnt cabin, its time call in the law and re-visit Gianna’s past.

Chris Jacobs is no stranger to evil and brutal pain. His physical scars may have faded, but his mental scars remind of the torture he had endured as a kidnapped victim in his teenage years. And when Gianna and his daughter are threatened, he goes into survival mode and would protect them until his very last breath.

The suspense and rush is just as nerve pumping as the sublime romance between Gianna and Chris. Kendra’s attention to detail is one of her very best traits as a writer, and makes the reading so much more compelling. It’s always wonderful to re-visit her previous characters and read about their lives after they have walked off into the sunset.

Kendra Elliot writes some mean thrillers and suspense and the best of all each book in the series can be read as a standalone. I’ve been following her since her very first book and there’s no doubt of her writing prowess and the fact of her amazing transformation from a novice writer to an acclaimed author is just as wonderful to see in her stories

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance/Amazon Publishing via Net Galley for an honest review.