This Midnight Series is one of my super favorite go-to series and have read each book released numerous times and I never get bored! Lisa Marie Rice writes some enthralling and captivating romantic suspense and this series cannot be missed.


“Midnight Run” comes out as part of the Midnight Trilogy and many may have already read it. Then again I’ve never had trouble reading it for the nth time and enjoying Claire and her alpha Bud.

Getting a second lease of life gives Claire Parks the freedom to explore the world that she had missed and re-discover herself to the pleasures of life. And if giving herself to a hot lumberjack then so be it. As an undercover detective Bud Morrison is trained to fight the hidden dangers and protecting is his in his every breath. Claire brings out his full protective instincts and he sure as hell not going to let her fall on his watch.

As their passion ignites the sheets and they fall in love, circumstances and a past evil threaten their newfound happiness. With Claire fighting for her rights in the relationship, Bud has to decide if he can meet her halfway to get the woman of his life.

Short but captivating, Lisa Marie Rice gives her readers an adrenaline ride of danger and passion, love and support, giving importance to relationships and friends. The Midnight series may connect the events and characters in each story, but each of them can be read a standalone.