Savannah Stuart/Katie Reus is another brilliant writer I follow, quenching my thirst for he paranormal and the suspense. Miami Scorchers Series is just another one of her fabulous writings. Who can resist the alpha shifters and their intended mates?


“Worth The Risk”, book two in her Miami Scorcher Series brings Marisol Cabrera into the protective wings of the undercover DEA Stephen Lazos and his powerful Lazos pack. Marisol has a score to settle with an evil arms dealer who completely erased her entire pack. Stephen has been undercover to bring this very guy down, and with Marisol thrown into the middle of this war and knowing that she’s his mate, only adds to his need to protect Marisol and keep his identity a secret if he wants to stay alive and make a life with Marisol.

It’s always a pleasure to read Katie Rues aka Savannah Stuart. She is so good at writing short stories and come away with a fulfilling read. Nothing short on passion, danger and the protective instincts of family to care of their own, “Worth The Risk” is another sizzling read.

Received a copy from KR Press LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.