I have to repeat this in my review – “Call me biased, but in my opinion Jennifer Ryan writes one of the most romantic suspense stories that I’ve ever read. “The Hunted Series” is always going to be my chicken soup for the soul, having lost count of the number of times I’ve read that series.”

What fascinates me about Jennifer Ryan is her immense ability to create a heroine so different from each other in every one of stories. With courage, loyalty and strength, being the common foundation, every one of her heroines has a story so filled with pain, betrayal and hurt that reading each one of them makes us question the evil that exists in this world yet gives us hope that there is good to counter this evil attack and faith that honor exists.


The opening scene of her latest story of her Montana man, “Stone Cold Cowboy” is just an insight into the evil that exists in our world today with Sadie Higgins being hung upside down and a breath away from a frozen death. And with equal valor we have a person with honor, integrity and love in the ever-protective Rory Kendrick to save Sadie and breath life back into her, because a life without Sadie is not acceptable for Rory!

It is so hard to let go of things in our life; to let go of hope that a brother will find his way back to humanity, to let go of a father on the brink of death, to let go of relationships that bind us with love and give us pain at the same time and to let go of blood and be selfish for a change. And the bond between Sadie and her father is so poignant and emotional that it grips you with grief and tears…and trust me when I say I’ve shed more than a few tears as I was reading this book!

Sadie Higgins will make you cry, will make you laugh, will make you feel her every breath of pain she draws, and will make you root for her as she kicks ass with Rory supporting her with the utmost patience and love. Rory Kendrick and his brothers give hope that there are good men in this world who would protect and care for their own as well as never turn their back on evil.

For the uninitiated, the Montana Men Series takes us to the Bowden brothers, Gabe, Blake and Dane, brothers of Caleb (married to Summer Turner) from The Hunted Series…and flows to the neighboring Kendrick brothers -Rory, Colt and Ford. I love when the stories have cross over characters from various books.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.