One final hero remains standing in the town of Sterling waiting for the love of his life to show up. The final book in her Unexpected Heroes Series, Melody Anne gives the charming and kind Camden Whitman his happily ever after, with the woman of his dreams Grace, “Her Forever Hero”


His adoptive family had given Cam a support structure and a family he deserves. Raised with morals, ethics and humbleness, he would do anything to help the underdog and a few more beyond the call of duty. And when his client is his Grace, he pulls everything to protect her and keep her at his side.

Coming back to Sterling brings back memories that Grace would have liked to forget. But circumstances push Grace right into a major muddle with the IRS with a non-profit she is associated with and Cam ends up being her knight in shining armor.

Yet they have much unfinished business between them. But there are emotions that defy their hearts, pain that needs closure, and questions that need some answers before these two can have their very own happily ever after. With a stubborn and headstrong Grace heading the chase, Cam with tenacity and charm makes sure Grace can never leave his embrace of home forever.

Melody Anne does what she’s super good; write some super nice romances with ultra savvy heroines and alpha heroes. Good for the soul and warmth for the heart!

Received an ARC from Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books