Brenda Novak is one brilliant writer/author I have the pleasure of reading. She’s a maestro at weaving heartfelt romances with tasteful flavor and with equal vigor she churns some amazing mysteries that grips her readers from page one to the very last line.

“The Secret Sister”, book one of her Fairham Island series brings Maisey Lazarow back to her hometown of Fairham, SC. Reeling from a bitter divorce, Maisey comes back to build her shattered life back and rebuild her relationship with her troubled brother Keith. Coming back also brings back memories of pain and a mother that she wants to avoid. Coming back also puts her in front of Rafe Romero, her first love.


Rafe Romero comes back to the island to heal and raise his blind daughter. He’s built his life back, albeit a few scars and pain. Coming face to face with Maisey brings up a whole bucket load of emotions that he’s not ready to face. But with him renovating the cottage and living next door to Maisey only makes so much more difficult to stay away from her.

With Rafe and Maisey thrown together, rekindles feelings long buried and the possibility of love and forgiveness. As they try to deal with their feelings, Brenda surprises us with a twist in the story as old pictures bring back memories of a sister that Maisey vaguely seem to remember.

And now with mystery added into the equation, “The Secret Sister” takes the readers on a roller coaster ride of pain, love and forgiveness.

I can’t wait for Brenda Novak to give Keith his closure on pain and a chance at love.

Received and ARC from Harelquin via NetGalley for an honest review.