From “The Raines Of Wind Canyon” to “The Brodies” to “Boss Inc.”, Kat Martin has created amazing characters fighting for justice and protecting the loved ones in their lives. As each series progressed into the next one, I enjoyed every page of these brothers in arms to their extended cousins and friends.

“Into The Fury” is the first book in the “BOSS INC” (Brodie Operations Security Services Inc.) series pitching Ethan Brodie against a stalker hell bent on creating havoc among the lingerie models touring cross-country. And one of the models happens to be Valentine Hart, best friend of Ethan’s sister-in-law then all bets are off. Now when extended family is concerned, the Brodie’s protectiveness comes out in spades.


Being a lingerie model is for Valentine Hart is just a means to a goal of becoming a veterinarian. Being stalked by a killer was never a part of her plan, and neither is falling for the hot and protective Ethan. I loved Valentine for her independence, endurance and just her nature to help others. She’s just perfect with her imperfections and a perfect partner for Brodie.

Another fast paced, thrilling ride from Kat Martin as she weaves pages of romance and danger. Incorporating and setting up the relationship between Megan O’Brien and Dirk Reynolds to take us into their story was brilliant and jelled well with this book.

Received an ARC from Kensington Books via NetGalley for an honest review.