Anytime I think of Violet Duke, I picture this ball of positive energy with wings, a wand in one hand sprinkling pixie dust of romance and brandishing with the other a pen to write the most alluring and charismatic of love stories!!!


Whether the heroine is a chocolate connoisseur or an expert in arms, a shrewd business lady or a super smart sports analyst, Violet Duke writes each character within their fields of strength with so much detail and aplomb, it’s hard not falling for them and their charm. I love her attention to detail and every dialogue brings a chuckle or a smile…. and sometimes a tear.

And Leila Hart is not far behind in giving Jackson Gray a ride for his pedestal of sports fanaticism and analytical skills. Hiding her skills as a sports analyst close to her heart, Leila Hart is trying hard to blend into the background and concentrate on fulfilling her dream of becoming a college and pro football reporter.

Her smile kicks Jackson Gray in the gut, and her intelligence only convinces him that she’s hiding things that he wants to know, play by play. As his Sunshine shuffles and evades, Jackson strategizes and plays to win her heart. And what you get in “Jackson’s Trust”, is a story full of witty dialogues, panty melting wooing, a few sacks and turnovers, huddles and touchdowns as Jackson and Leila race to the end zone.

And that my fellow readers is a brilliant touchdown!!!!

Received an ARC from Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept via NetGalley for an honest review.