Delores Fossen is one of the most lovable and warm persons I ‘ve had the pleasure of reading. With equal doses of romance and danger, with and charm, and throw in those hardworking and sexy McCord Brothers and we’ve got a charismatic love story.


Captain Riley McCord is back home in Spring Hill, TX recuperating from an injury and taking a break from being in the Air Force. Coming back also brings back childhood memories and of his lost love, Claire Davison. Settling her late grandfather’s estate may keep Claire busy along with raising her son. But her heart beats for Riley, and the lost years only strengthen that love. With Claire being given the job of keeping an eye on Riley, hiding her feelings only gets harder and being close to Claire only makes him want to spend the rest of his life with her.

With lots of unanswered questions and Claire’s dynamite of a son thrown into the equation, Claire and Riley get a second chance to give themselves a happily ever after. Down to earth and with the entire town of Spring Hill meddling, “Texas On My Mind” is a warm read of family and support, friends and care.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.