“Finding Hope” was the first book of Stacy Finz I’ve read and I really liked it for her portrayal of loss, hope and second chances. Now “Going Home” is another love story set in the little town of Nugget. CA.


Detective Rhys Shepard is back home in Nugget to take care of his father battling Alzheimer’s. Despite his painful memories of childhood, family is family and he wants to make sure his father is being cared for. Nothing prepares him for the shocking revelation of stepsiblings that come to live with him, and add in the presence of his beautiful neighbor, he’s on the road to falling head over heels in love and with the idea of having a family.

Leaving behind a past of betrayal and a husband who is in love with another woman, Maddy Breyer hopes to start fresh in the charming town of Nugget, restoring an old mansion into a bed and breakfast. With lot of resistance from the town people and family drama next door, Maddy falls for the detective and becomes more than a neighbor.

Sparks fly and the flames blossom into a relationship between Maddy and Rhys. But with different plans for the future, they have decisions to make, and only time can test the power of their love and if a future is possible for these two love birds. With wonderful supporting characters, Stacy Finz creates a charming story of family and support, love and strength, friendship and loyalty.

Received an ARC from Kensington Books for an honest review.