A new author, a new book and a new series! There’s nothing more satisfying than reading someone new and liking them instantly. Katie Ruggle is a new author on the block and she has done exceptionally well with her tryst with writing.


“Hold Your Breath” takes you on a chilling ride of murder, intrigue and romance as Louise and Callum try to solve a murder that opens up on a routine diving class. As the captain of the ice dive team for the Search and Rescue, he’s a pro at what he does, but when the vivacious and newbie on the team is in his vicinity he loses all his bearings. And when Lou’s life is threatened, all his protective instincts kick in high gear.

Lou escapes to the dangerous Rockies to get away from her controlling family and an ex-boyfriend. Rescuing people gives her a purpose in life and being in the brotherhood of her team gives her a protective and caring family that she’s never got. And Callum takes special place in her heart as they work together to solve a murder. And even the frozen Rockies can’t seem to freeze the blaze of passion that erupts between them.

A very good start to a thrilling series and Katie manages to keep the interest and suspense going until the end. The chemistry between Callum and Lou is sublime and the banter between them keeps the sizzle intact. Ruggle did a good job of creating charismatic characters and the narration is tight and detailed.

A definite good read for me. Do not miss the prequel novella of the series “On His Watch”, a thrilling start to her new series!

Received an ARC from Sourcebooks Casablanca for an honest review.