The last book in the Dark Kings Series has the Dragon Kings of the Realm going through a major upheaval as their secrets have being aired to the mortals and the impending war just seems to bubble slowly to a boiling point. Amidst the war, the Dragon Kings seem to find love and passion. As each Dragon King finds his mate, the forces of evil refuse to stay in the shadows even as the powerful forces of the realm seem to take sides.


“Smoke And Fire” gives dragon shifter Ryder his mate and his love story. Ryder is helping protect and guard Glasgow as Dark seems to stalk the streets and death seems inevitable to the humans. With new Dark comes new danger. Ryder has his hands full with keeping his mate Kinsey safe and guard against Ulrich’s unexpected moves.

This story is more a filler to bring Ryder and Kinsey together. There are too many secrets in the realm that seems to give this war a whole another definition. Although have it in good authority that big secrets are to be revealed in the next few stories.

The cover is fabulous, the story a more filler leading to the big fire and secrets only add to the speculation and suspense of what may be the outcome for the Dragon Kings. And Donna Grant keeps the plot moving along.

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.