Anytime I think of Violet Duke, I picture this ball of positive energy with wings, a wand in one hand sprinkling pixie dust of romance and brandishing with the other a pen to write the most alluring and charismatic of love stories!!!


And that brings us to her new “Unfinished Loved Series”, about four brothers who find love but lose only to get another chance down the years to reclaim it. It’s fresh, it’s new and it makes it even more emotional and romantic to wait for that HEA.


First in the series, “Before That Night” has a young teenager Addison Millan trying to survive through sheer determination to take care of her younger siblings as they live in a beat up van. Having lost a roof and a mother to drugs, her abandonment only motivates Addison to create a better life. Always with a smile and a kind word, working as a waitress and a caretaker, she adds positivity and courage to her resume.

Her immense strength and smile draws the gruff and tough cop Caine Spencer to the diner everyday and that everyday leads to conversations that turn into friendship and the flare of attraction that kindles between them is kept at bay given the circumstances. But all that changes instantly as Addison gets into the crosshairs of an obsessive diner, blackmailing her with the secret that she’s been hiding.

And that one incident creates a domino effect of consequences even as Addison and Caine fall in love with each other. As her secret see the light of day, it comes down to final straw if Caine is going to go against the oath he had taken as a cop and support Addison. And is Addison brave enough to make the biggest decision of her young life…and if she goes with the choice she’s making, will her love survive…. for a second chance….

Another brilliant, captivating and an emotional love story, all Violet Duke style full of love and care, friendship and support, warmth and family.

Can’t wait to read the second installment “Every Night Without You” as Addison comes back into Caine’s life, the unanswered questions, sacrifice and the love that never died for seven long years!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.